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The babe in very short outfit is doing something having no idea the camera is working right between her legs shooting the panty.
Tags: look up the skirt, up skirt free
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Aditya ( 11 years ago )
i am well within the right half of the bell curve and i am young egnouh to remember attempts to teach math this way. it is relatively useless abstraction that a "mathematician" with 20 years teaching high school algebra must have dreamed up to make their life a little less boring.I think a lot of writers of mathematical textbooks are trying to explain the foundations of their subject to students so that they can provide a rationale for all this other stuff they teach in those textbooks that students won't actually be using in real life (or, if they could use it, will not be able to remember it).  I find it somewhat distressing that so many people have trouble with algebra, but I would also have to admit it would be better that average kids gain experience with elementary statistics instead of learning esoteric skills like determining the asymptotes of a hyperbola or finding the coefficients of a term using the binomial theorem, skills that they won't be able to recall even six months after getting through algebra and will almost certainly never use.  How many middle-aged adults do you meet who can even factor trinomials?  How many adults have you met that have ever needed to factor a trinomial outside of high school or college algebra?  Let kids who enjoy algebra take it and let those who don't focus more heavily on statistics and probability theory. Math is a subject that could be improved by offering more than a single track for all students.  This would fit roughly with Steve's proposal for multiple versions of the high school diploma: testing out in algebra (provided a high score) would be a more prestigious alternative to testing out in elementary statistics.  My motto for mathematical education reform is "diversity is strength!"
Member6117 ( 14 years ago )
Nice ass to look up at.

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